What are the Different Kinds of Weighing Machines?



The accurate and expedient weighing of products is extremely important. Product that is packed into inaccurate weights could be misleading to the consumer, also you might waste product through giveaway. Thankfully, packing and weighing can be much improved with the right solutions, such as using the appropriate electronic weighing machines.
There are several different kinds of weighing machines:

Multihead Weighers

Multihead weighers are great for packaging a wide range of products, food or non-food. They work as product is collected into toppers and then each compartment is released so that packages are filled to the correct weights. For products that are more difficult to move, such as marinated or “sticky” products, screw feed weighers can be used, these work using the Archimedes screw principle to push products from infeed to weight hoppers.


The importance of filling products into packages of accurate weights can’t be overestimated. With this in mind, it might be beneficial to use checkweighing systems whereby packages can be checked so that they’re in line with strict legislation. Electronic weighing machines mean that this process is quick, accurate and automated.

Cut-gate Weighers

Some products are more difficult to weight, such as granules and powders, and so will require their own kinds of weighing solutions. An example of this is the cut-gate weigher, which is specifically designed for the accurate weighing or products such as hot drink powders, detergents, sugar or salt.

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