The Best Way to Get Away This Winter




Whilst the run up to Christmas allows many of us to ignore the cold weather or perhaps even to embrace it, once January arrives and the festivities have slowed down, the true bleakness of winter starts to become obvious, and many people will be scrambling to get away.

However, due to the fact that many winter breaks are booked at the last minute as people suddenly realise they need a bit of vitamin D to perk themselves up and get them safely through to Spring, people often don’t consider all the best options, but merely the cheapest or easiest to book. Whilst it may seem that anywhere with a bit of sun will do, the rewards of taking a bit more time to plan your winter getaway can be huge.

The first thing to consider is to head away for some Alpine skiing. It may seem that heading from one cold place to another is not the most appealing option, but a skiing holiday is like few other breaks. Not only will you get both sunshine and snow at the same time, but the snow you get will only add to the beauty of the surroundings instead of it spending the majority of the time as slush.

An Alpine holiday will have the perfect mix of entertainment, sport, genuinely breathtaking sights and even the chance to sunbathe, and will therefore often make more sense than just a cheap package holiday. With so many great places to ski, right in our own continental backyard, it is one of the most rewarding and easiest ways to make January far less distressing.


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