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Any company or business organization must have two extremely important aspects which will help to move it forward; Finance and Human Resources. Both are an inseparable part of a firm. Be it small or large scale business, people make it work and bring success to it. For this, it is crucial to have the professionals who are like-minded and who can give their best to improve the business on the go. Some firms handle their HR services with their own internal team while other businesses might require the intervention of outsourcing. This service is specifically provided by the BoardRoom, which is the leading financial service providing firm in Malaysia. They are focussed on creating a smooth workflow in the process of everyday operations. The firm also takes the utmost care of the asset of the company. They are dedicated to providing a hassle-free experience to their clients so that they can run the human resource operations efficiently. They have many ideas for comprehensive HR solutions which include payroll outsource Malaysia. It helps in managing their multinational clients’ HR-related outsourcing processes in the country. This is mainly done to improve the business’ operational efficiency control and data management through the BoardRoom’s team. 

All the needs:

The BoardRoom has the solution for all the requirements that might pop up in the HR services. They are experts in payroll outsource services that are done without any barrier with the help of their payroll software. Their self-made software is filled with advanced technological options that are created to be future-centric. It helps businesses in many ways which will be useful even in the coming years. Using their software will help the businesses to maximize the time and focus on the aspects that might require an expert valuation. Their services include;


They deal with the following;

  • Calculation and transfer of net pay to the employee’s bank accounts.
  • Remittance of Employee Provident Fund, Employee Insurance scheme, and much more.
  • Provision of monthly payroll report or any other report as required by the clients. 
  • Distribution of payslips in soft copy to the employees via email. It is with password protection or log-in with a secured cloud ESS portal. 
  • Managing and administering employees’ leave entitlement.
  • Preparation of forms EA, PCB II, and Employer’s return (Form E).

Their payroll solutions;

  • They have a complete HRMS solution with multi-country payroll, leave, and claim the processing.
  • Full statutory compliance with local legislation.
  • Flexible automated leave solution.
  • Automated payroll process.
  • Mobile application to download payslips, claims, leave application, and approval easily. 
  • Attendance clocking technology, staff rostering system.
  • A dedicated person to contact in case of any query. 

All these functions make the HR department work without any hassle. The firm is providing consolidated services of all the processes in everyday operations.

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