JoomSEO is a Search Engine Optimizing(SEO) bot making Joomla content more Search Engine Friendly(SEF).JoomSEO dynamically creates meta keywords, meta descriptions, changes the title on the fly, adds heading tags to content titles and more.

This is the most important component for joomla. Make sure all of your pages are SEO friendly, if you can end your pages in .html with this component. HTML pages are highly recognised within google.

Features that this patch will provide for your site include:

The ability to add title tags to menu items through the parameters tab
Correct title´s for articles Full control over META tag robots, through the parameters tab The ability to add a META tag author, through the parameters tab The robots.txt file now allows spiders to add your images to google search (alt tag your images) Cleans up the output of generated HTML code

This component allows you to add your own META tags for each article, It can generate the keywords for you, or you can create your own. It is essential that your site has a sitemap for the spiders to crawl through. It also makes it easier to find articles on your site for your user.

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