Tips For Housing A Pet


Many animal lovers will agree a pet is not just an animal that lives in your home; it is a member of the family. Therefore it is important to ensure your pet is well cared for, sheltered and healthy.

When purchasing a pet, you need to decide whether you will allow the animal to sleep indoors or outside. If you decide the best option is for the pet to sleep outside then you must take appropriate action to ensure your pet is safe and unharmed. For instance, if you require a pet dog to sleep outside you could purchase a dog kennel, this protecting them from shelter from the harshest of weather and giving them a source of warmth. It is important to ensure the kennel will be sturdy and adequate for the well being of your pet.

However, you may opt for the less traditional pet such as a rat. Many people would not dream of letting a pet rat into their home, however, this is slightly unfair as pet rats are affectionate creatures that adore their owners and are very playful. It is important to provide a pet rat with a suitable rat cage. The size of the cage will depend on the amount of rats you intend to house, and an easy way to understand how big your cage should be is that you will need a minimum of two square feet per rat. Pet rats must not live in an outdoors cage as they will become vulnerable to wild rats or cats. However, they can live in a rat hutch, as long as it is secure.

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