Avoid The Cost Of Stamp Inflation With Wholesale Mailing Services



This year has seen some of the biggest reforms the UK postal service. The Royal Mail has driven up the price of first and second class post to record highs. First class postage stamps, for example, have risen from 40p to 60p, while second class stamps have shot from 36p to 50p. Pensioner groups have been one of the most vocal areas of complaint as they rely on the services more than most. However, with recent figures revealing that the amount of first class post delivered on time only came to 92.9 per cent, it is worth businesses consolidating their post into a wholesale mailing service to avoid disappointment.

Benefits For All

A wholesale mailing operation benefits not just you business but also other mailing organisations such as the Royal Mail. By producing mail in bulk volumes, a business can enjoy discounts. The service sorts post into the standards accepted by other postage services, which frees up time for companies like the Royal Mail as part of the work is already done for them. By cutting down on time, money is also saved, which is passed on in the form of bulk discounts.

Consolidating your post into a wholesale producer service makes managing your post easier. It can result in savings for items such as letters of all sizes, packets and parcels. With postage prices increasing for packets containing CD’s, it is important to save your business money wherever possible.

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