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If you’ve been taking care of your own SEO for your site, there will come a time when the need to keep your search engine rankings healthy starts taking up a disproportionate amount of your time.There will come a time when you will see the sense in hiring the services of a search engine optimization agency. However, in an industry where there are countless scam operators eager for a slice of your marketing budget, how can you be sure of getting the right help at the right price?

With a good grounding in SEO fundamentals and some careful consideration of how to approach the issue, you can ensure that your money will be well spent. Here are a few tips to help you consider which SEO agencies will do the best job for you:

To find the agency that can work best for you, you’re going to have to invest some time in research. Get a clear idea of who’s out there, study Internet marketing and SEO forums, and ask around for personal recommendations.

When you’re down to a shortlist of a few candidates, it’s time to start asking questions. Google the search engine optimisation agencies themselves, if they have any reputation, good or bad, you want to read about it. Check out their own rankings, if they can’t help themselves, how can they hope to help you? In the next article, we’ll look in detail at some of the questions you should consider.

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