What Are the Services Provided By Car Parks on Airport?


With the trend of air travelling increasing among people, the airline companies and airports are trying their best to make the experience of people as convenient as possible. And car park services available at airports play a crucial role in adding to their ease. If you are a frequent traveller then you must have noticed that there are car parks available at every airport. The service offered at these car parks can vary from one airport to another. However, some of the common services provided by car parks on airports are mentioned here.The first service is of park and ride and it is also the most common. The travellers are picked up from and dropped at the car park, where their car stays parked securely.

The next is valet parking, which eliminates the hassle of parking your car yourself. All you need to do is reach at the arrival area, from where parking personnel will take your car and park it safely, while you take the transfer bus. When you return back from your journey, the car will be provided to you at the airport’s arrival/departure area.

Similar to valet parking is the meet and greet car parking service. A driver will meet you at the airport terminal and will park your car in the car park. You are then free for checking in and on your return; the driver will deliver the car back at the airport terminal. This is a truly great option for people who travel with a lot of luggage.

Apart from these there are other two prominent car parking services, on airport and off airport. In the first service, the car parking is located within the boundary of the airport, while in off airport parking, the cars are parked in a parking area which is located out of the airport boundary. It is important to remember that the price of car parking can vary according to the distance from car park and the terminal. Generally, the closer you park the car to the terminal, the more will be the price. Choose according to your convenience and the price you are ready to pay, in order to avoid any inconvenience from arising later.

Besides, there are special services offered to disabled people and to those with special needs. These services are aimed at their convenience and can be availed according to individual requirement. It is recommended for such travellers to confirm the kind of services provided at the airport.

Mentioned above are some of the common services which various airport car parks provide. As the service can vary, thus it is suggested to confirm the service details by calling the personnel at the airport, from where you are boarding the flight. Also ask them about the price and any time restrictions, to find out a good and cheap Heathrow parking service. To make it more convenient, you can also book car parking in advance. Confirming such details can make your travel and car parking experience much more hassle free.

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