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London which holds the top most spots of the traveler’s must see destinations list is one of the most interesting places in the world. Culturally diverse with rich traditional value London is an artistic center for the intellectual tourist of the world. London is the capital city of England and United Kingdom.  The beautiful city of London is situated right beside the river of Thames.

Not only the city attracts the culturally superior people but a bulk mass who come to the city every day for business. London is a global city which in many ways dominates the country’s and to some extent the world’s economy. In almost every sphere of arts, business, commerce, fashion, education, media, health London holds prestigious position.

One going to London as a holiday destination can enjoy with various galleries to feed one’s intellect. The city consists of some of the best historic houses as well as art and sports galleries.

Being inside London one must be visiting The British Museum, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, The Royal Academy of Arts, The Victoria & Albert Museum, The National Portrait Gallery, The Museum of London, The Design Museum, The National Gallery and last but not the least London Transport Museum. Most of the museums in London have free entry but some of them may charge you as well. Generally the entry fee charges vary from 5 pounds to 20 pounds according to the reputation. The museums have particular opening and closing times. One may need to check the time before plan to visit them. The museums usually open at about 10 in the morning for approximately 6 in the evening. Times may vary in accordance with the gallery.  For more details, visit this.

Londoners say that if you want to experience true London you must take a cab ride around the city. It is so true! The taxi ride will show you the true sights and sounds of the country. The taxi ride in the city is very smooth and polite. One coming from another part of the country or from abroad should always book an airport taxi online to avoid the trouble and hassle of getting in a queue for a taxi. Finding a taxi after a long strenuous flight can be quite boring as well as painful. So avoid getting into all that unwanted trouble by booking an airport taxi service.

London airport taxi service is quite reasonable and always punctual. It runs on a fixed price which is decided beforehand while booking the taxi service. This gives you the opportunity not to be cheated in an unknown country. The local car hire service in the city is quite expensive and it charges you on meter which can end up costing you loads of money. From Heathrow to Birmingham will cost one on car hire taxi around UK 150 pounds. That’s extremely pricey. Isn’t it? So choose wisely and select the former option of going with the fixed priced airport taxi which will help you save both time and money.

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