Four Reasons You Might Want to Change Your Catering Job


A career in catering involves many different skills and abilities as well as a lot of dedication and hard work. The following points detail the main reasons why you might wish to move jobs within the catering industry and how you can achieve your goals.

1. Developing New Skills

If you are passionate about food and are a budding entrepreneur, you may have ambitions to open your own restaurant in the future. One reason why you might change your catering job is to gain more experience in different areas of the industry so that you have a solid foundation for your future business.

It may be that you’re working as a waiter but need to know more about food preparation, so you could look at jobs or courses that would give you this experience. Alternatively, you may be a trained cook but know next to nothing about managing budgets, or perhaps managing staff, so you would want to seek jobs in this area.

2. Better Pay

One of the main reasons people in any industry may wish to change jobs is for better pay. You may have been in your current position for some time or your personal circumstances may have changed; for example, if you have got married or have had children, you may need more income. An excellent way to increase your salary is to move to a new employer who is offering a higher salary than your current position. You could do this by working your way through the ranks and gaining more experience as you go along your career, seeking new jobs at each level. Gaining experience in different establishments will enable you to achieve progressive pay increases.

3. Better Working Conditions

Working in catering can often mean long hours and you’ll often be working when most people are enjoying time off in the evenings or at weekends. You will be expected to work shifts and staff working in kitchens often start very early in the morning and are the last to finish late at night after clearing away. Many restaurants and larger kitchens will have all the modern equipment and kitchen layouts, but the older kitchens and smaller restaurants may not be so well designed. Catering staff are usually under pressure to produce high quality food quickly whilst maintaining hygiene. Safety levels and working conditions can vary widely depending on the venue. If you are not happy with your working conditions, you should consider moving to a job with a better environment for staff.

4. New Challenges

Some people find themselves stuck in a career rut and by changing jobs they can get out of this situation. Seeking a new job with new challenges gives greater job satisfaction and most people need to feel they are developing new skills.

If you feel that you wish to take on new challenges, or are perhaps looking to further your career in the catering industry, a great place to begin your new journey is to view the jobs on offer from the catering recruitment agencies at

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