Best 5 Beaches for Honeymoon


The beaches are very pleasant places in the world where you can relax yourself apart from your work, coming to newly married couples beaches are the quite interesting places to enjoy and celebrate honeymoon without any hestitaions and Tension.

1. Calangute:
Calangute beach is situated on the Arabian Sea shores. This beach is also known as queen of beaches. It seems to be a distortion of the local people as Kali Gutti that means land of fishermen. Calangute beach is popular all over the world for its attractive charm and beauty. You can enjoy the sandy pleasures on the brown sands carpets. It was discovered by the hippies and later it becomes the cliché of couple tourist people in the year between 1960 and 1970. Hippies brought a large number of European people to appreciate the great scenic beauty of tranquility. European travelers enjoyed the beautiful serenity. Along with fun and joy in this beach, you can get certain activities in the water on this beach.

2. Mira mar:
Mira Mar is one of the most visited beaches . Its accessibility, versatility and charm create it a beautiful place to be. Miramar beach is particularly popular for its shopping. It is the place of the nation’s biggest designer shopping location. There are many places near Mira more like rosemary beach, Fort Walton Beach and Panama City beach. Looking the riches of this beach, but it is not possibly which you will be needs for more. Snorkeling, fishing, building sand castles, sailing, playing tennis, purchasing antiques and billing will fulfill your attention every day.

3. Palolem:
A beautiful personified, it is one of the best beaches. Lush green hills, shady palm trees, crystal clean water and gleaming golden sand make Palolem beach an outstanding treat for nature lovers and photographers. Along with these two attractive sceneries there are wonderful beach resorts, coco huts. It makes an ideal place for the people who want to have a peaceful holiday in the nature location to get free from their stressful life.

4. Colva:
It is one of the longest beaches by having 24 km length. Colva was filled at the time on weekends and it is highly famous among the local people. At this beach, you can enjoy many water sports activities like jet skiing, Para wincing and speed boat rides at an affordable rate. It is 40km from Panaji and from marriage, it is 8km.It is a best beach destination for couples for their honeymoon.

5. Anjuna:
Anjuna beach is greatly commercialized, this famous beach contains comparatively less for the people who need to have a relaxing holiday. But it creates a good option for Shopaholic, fun lovers and adventure fans. It was popular among hippies at the time of 60’s and 70’s. Even now there are thousands of people enjoying music shows, beach parties and different cultural programs on the golden shore. The well-known highlight of this beach is a Wednesday flea market.

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