Creating Unique Wedding Photos



Having had a good look at the different wedding photographers Leeds has to offer, you may well have selected a favourite already. However, before you enter into a formal agreement, make sure the company providing wedding photography in Leeds that you have selected will give you what you want from your photos. It is always wise to think about what you want your photos to show before you choose a photographer, and if you’re looking for some unique photo ideas, then just read on.

Group shots can be really boring for everyone involved. Rather than having an amalgamation of people stood smiling at a camera, why not do something different? A photographer who suggests arranging your guests into a heart shape (for example) or leaping in the air will be much more fun, and more interesting to look at afterwards too.

Getting some props involved can also make for an interesting photo. Use the clothes you’re wearing or add in other elements such as balloons or parasols to liven up your shots. The background of your picture can also make a big difference, particularly if you’re unfortunate enough to have a bad weather day which makes outside shots difficult. Keep an eye out yourself for some interesting locations to have your photos taken and discuss with your photographer if they know of any themselves.

Of course, the most unique photographs will be those that include a personal touch relating to just you two – a meaningful location or a special token, perhaps.

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