What Are Different Courses Offered To Become A Tree Surgeon



Tree surgeons primarily known as arborist or arboriculturist are professionals who cultivate and manage trees, vines and shrubs. They do not study or practice arboriculture for forests or woods but ensure health and safety of individual trees and plants. This is what distinguishes it from a forester or logger. With huge areas of gardens or landscape you can hire efficient Tree Surgeons London to maintain the health of your plants.


There are various techniques that a tree surgeon can adopt to ascend into the tree. One of the most popular approach is to ascend on rope. If safety is the main concern, tree surgeons London can use ‘spikes’ or ‘gaffs’ which are tied to the boots for the ease of ascending. Activities such as planting, pruning, transplanting, treating phytopathology, avoiding grazing, incorporating lightening protection and removing weeds form part of the duties of an arborist.


Usually tree surgeons specialize in one or more disciplines of arboriculture which gives them a better edge over their counterparts in the industry. You can opt for a formal certification course to be qualified as a tree surgeon London. In the UK, a student can choose either of a foundation degree, bachelors degree and masters degree in arboriculture. If not higher education, national certificate and national diploma can also be chosen by the candidates. In countries like Canada and the USA, certifications such as Certified Arborist (CA)sulting Arborists and Tree Risk Assessor are offered for all those who are keen to study this field. A CA is a qualified tree surgeon who has more than three years of documented and verified experience. Consulting Arborists are certified by American Society of Consulting Arborists on the basis of the number of years of experience. The third one is a recent addition and driven by accidents. In France, a professional arborist is required to hold a certificate known as Management of Ornamental Trees.


As a Tree Surgeon London, you should be aware of all the pros and cons of the job. This job highly demands physical strength and your perseverance in all kinds of weather conditions – summer, monsoons and winters. As difficult is the nature of the job equally difficult is to reach that level of proficiency where you can earn handsome money. It is a dangerous job where you risk your life to work from greater heights.


In the field of arboriculture, you will also come across the jobs of climbers and groundsmen. Good groundsmen precisely plan the job before the climber starts the work. It is their duty to keep the ropes untangled and arranges and refuels the requisite tools and machinery for the tree surgeon. A climber usually is adept at performing aerial rescue.

So if you are planning to become a tree surgeon London, this article is must-read to know the basics about the job. Besides this, a certification and qualification in arboriculture can also help you save a job for yourself in a shorter span of time. However, do remember the flip side of the job which involves substantial risk.

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