Less Mistakes, More Profit – How to Run your Bar More Efficiently


If you run your own bar, you probably know just how frustrating it is when people make mistakes.  We’re all human and it happens to all of us at some time or another, yet it’s still something that we wish we could avoid!  From miscounting stock to re-ordering the wrong product or ringing up a drinks order incorrectly, these mistakes can add up to cost you money, and as everyone knows, that’s something you want to avoid at all costs!  So, how can you improve your processes and make less mistakes and more profit?

Move with the times

Make sure you’re till system is up to date.  There’s nothing worse than an antiquated system that staff hate to use because the cash drawer jams and the buttons don’t work.  Come to think of it, why are you till even using a system that has buttons?  The latest systems utilise touch-screen technology so buttons and mice are consigned to the past – just tap the screen to input orders, print reports or whatever else you need to do.  By utilising modern technology and adding an EPoS system to your bar, you’ll ensure that staff work more efficiently, and the sleek, stylish design of these solutions will add a touch of class to your establishment that won’t go unnoticed by your regulars!

EPoS Systems

You might think that there’s more to reducing errors than installing a new till system, and of course you’d be right.  But it’s a great place to start, provided you train your staff how to use the new system properly.  Once you’re up and running, things like re-ordering stock can be set up to occur automatically, so there’s less margin for error, and even taking huge drinks orders from a group of lads on a stag night is a breeze with touch screen technology, and mobile tablets that can be taken to tables instead of a pen and pad.  You can even use your EPoS system to identify training opportunities and improve staff knowledge.  Every staff member will have their own login, so you can track when errors are occurring and who is making them, which will allow you to spot gaps in staff knowledge.  Training plans can then be put in place for staff that need assistance, and this means your staff will be happier and more efficient at work!

Busy Nights

A busy Saturday night in any bar can quickly become hectic, with staff rushing to and from the bar.  If you serve food, things can get even more crazy, and one way to avoid the mad rush is to utilise your EPoS system to send orders directly to the kitchen.  Waiting staff can take orders at the table on a touch-screen tablet, sending these directly to the bar without the need to key them in at a central point and print them off, or send them from there.  This reduces the time taken to serve food, and you’ll have happier, more satisfied customers!

So invest in the latest technology and take advantage of all it has to offer if you’re looking to make less mistakes and more profit in your bar this year – you definitely won’t regret it.

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