UN Chief Asks Member-States To Join NPT Ban Nuke Material


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Ban today on all member-states to join the NPT and the CTBT and push for a ban on production of fissile materials for atomic weapons.

Before leaving for the nuclear summit chaired by President Barack Obama in Washington, the Secretary-General said: “All Member States who have not done so should participate in the NPT. That is an obligation of all Member States of the United Nations.”

“Likewise, I am going to urge in Washington that all the countries who have not signed and ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty ? the CTBT – should also do so without further delay,” he added.

Several countries including India, Pakistan and Israel have not signed on to the treaties. A major event on nuclear non-proliferation will be the NPT (Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty) Review Conference in May at the UN headquarters.

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