Caring For The Poor Doer Throughout The Winter Months 


The term poor doer is used for any pony or dog which loses weight very quickly. It is very difficult to maintain their weight. There are few species which are prone to this condition like Thoroughbreds. However, it depends from one horse to another some other species also undergo this condition.

The horse is one of the most loved tamed animals in the world. Owning a horse can be a matter of pride as only the elite can afford them. It is very expensive to maintain a horse. They need a lot of care all year round. However, the care required in winters is a lot more.

The winter months in the UK can be very severe. The best protection for your horse would be stable rugs. Stable rugs are a protective gear that is worn by the horse. As the name suggests stable rugs are used at the stable, it is not meant for outside use. The cloth used for manufacturing stable rugs is not waterproof as it is not meant for outside use.

The stable rugs are manufactured from padded material. It is quilted from inside and provides warmth to the horse. The warmth depends upon the amount of filling in the padding. Thus, we can alter the warmth by varying the amount of filling according to the horse’s requirement.

The horse may use a stable rug in the daytime as well. In this condition, we must use a warmer rug for the night as winter nights can witness a large drop in temperature. The stable rugs may render ineffective during some nights when the temperature drops even further. In such nights, an extra blanket may be provided to the horse for that extra warmth.

The stable rugs are made up of breathable fabric. They allow perspiration for the horse. They are available in different colours and designs. The majority of stable rugs have a detachable neck. They are available in different sizes for the comfort of your horse. You can choose a stable rug according to the size of your horse. The different colour and padding options make you choose the appropriate rug for your horse.

You must invest in good quality stable rugs as they are an important part of a horse’s life. In addition to the stable rugs, you must also take care of the diet of your horse. During winter months the diet needs to be planned meticulously.

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