Tips for Choosing a Letting Agent



Choosing the right estate agents in Leicester to let your property is an important decision. Unlike selling a house or flat, getting the right tenant for your rental property can have a big impact on you, so finding the right letting agent is essential to ensuring that your prospective tenants are of the right calibre. Here are some tips to help you choose the right Leicester letting agents.

1. Don’t Be Put Off by Fees

While you obviously don’t want to be paying over the odds, it is also fair to say that sometimes you get what you pay for. The lowest fees don’t often equate to the best service, so be prepared to do some research and see if there is a reason why their fees are so low. Look for feedback from other clients and check out the other properties they have on the market.

2. Imagine You Are a Tenant

This is a good way of finding the right agent for your property. Imagine you are looking for a property to rent – which agents have the kinds of properties you would go for? Who is advertising those properties in the right places? This will give you a good start to finding the right agent.

3. Ask Around

You may well know other people who have properties to let – ask them what their experiences of different agents are. If you can find someone with a similar property to yours, find out if they have been satisfied with the service their agent offers, or what they would look for instead.

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