Iconic 1980’s Wigs, Legwarmers and Accessories


Arguably, some of the most defining fashion accompaniments to come out of the eighties were the ones made popular by rising stars such as Madonna, who popularised legwarmers, tutus and the messy, teased hairstyle that so many women copied during the 1980s.

Replicating such iconic styles if you are attending an eighties fancy dress party can be made easy with the advent of the internet, as you can simply search for wigs and other recognizable 80s accessories more easily, and are much more likely to find what you are looking for due to the fact that the online shopping world affords more diversity and range than the average highstreet.

Fancy Dress Ball, an online fancy dress retailer, supply accessories for 1980s fancy dress costumes for men and ladies, which suit a wide range of different outfit choices – whether pure outlandish,based on a 1980’s icon, or even simply reminiscent of daily 80s fashion.Fluorescent colours are also thought to have defined the 1980s, and Fancy Dress Ball have an eclectic range of legwarmers, tutus, tights, bracelets, and fishnet gloves for ladies looking to flaunt this tell-tale 1980s trend.

They also provide a selection of wigs suitable to wear with a range of different outfits, including neon straight-cut wigs, spiked punk-style wigs, a teased Madonna-inspired collection and even mullets.

Fancy Dress Ball are also retail suppliers of fancy dress accessories, and stock a wealthy collection of bright fake eyelashes, grill glasses, trouser braces, and neon beaded necklaces as accompaniments to 80’s costumes to make them appear more genuine.

The collection of eighties-inspired fancy dress costumes on Fancy Dress Ball’s website can be customised with the accessories, wigs and legwarmers also available on the site, which allows fancy dress partygoers to wear a fancy dress outfit much more likely to be unique, and more tailored to your personal preferences so that you don’t have to settle for a generic design

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