Former British Spy Arrested for Selling Secrets



A former MI6 spy stole top secret files on intelligence gathering techniques and offered to sell them for 2 million pounds (USD 2.9 million) to an unspecified foreign government, a prosecutor said today.

Prosecutor Piers Arnold told a London court that Daniel Houghton, 25, is alleged to have attempted to sell the highly classified documents, but was arrested Monday after British intelligence posed as the potential buyer.

Houghton was not asked to enter a plea during a brief hearing.

Arnold said Houghton, who is a dual Dutch and British national, is accused of copying top secret files from the domestic agency MI5 to CD and DVDs while working for the MI6 overseas intelligence service between September 2007 and May 2009.He did not specify what job Houghton had with MI6, but said the alleged attempted sale came after he left the agency.

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