The Importance of Alcohol Detox


Many people do not really understand how years of alcohol abuse affects the body. They are aware of liver disease and the increased risk of cancer, but that is about it.

Most do not realise that long-term abuse of alcohol can leave the body bereft of many important vitamins and minerals. It can also have a significant negative impact on a person’s mental and emotional health.

The fact that the body is in a weakened physical state can mean that giving up alcohol is even more difficult. The physical withdrawal symptoms of pain, nausea, digestive problems and insomnia would be hard for even a healthy person to cope with. For a person whose body has been weakened by years of abuse, they are even more difficult.

Clearing the poisons

Too much alcohol also poisons the body, allowing toxins to build up. These also weaken the body. Clearing the body of these toxins really helps someone giving up alcohol. A cleansed body is stronger and better able to cope successfully with the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Replenishing missing vitamins and minerals and a healthy diet also help. The fact that the person in alcohol rehab feels better and has more energy can be great for motivation.

The best rehab clinics and alcohol detox programmes re-enforce the body by also gradually building up levels of physical exercises. In addition, many teach relaxation and meditation techniques to help their clients to learn how to cope with stress without having to rely on alcohol. These techniques also help many to cope with the physical withdrawal symptoms.

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