Pairing Formal Shirts with Accessories



Formal shirts

are nothing special unless you wear them well.  This means that you have to accessorise them the right way.  If accessories sound like something that only women wear, think again.  Even if you are not the type of man that is so much in touch with his feminine side that you are ready to start using moisturisers and foundation, there are a number of accessories that are just right for any man, and that go incredibly well with a formal shirt.

Formal Shirts and Ties

One of the main accessories that men will wear with formal shirts is a tie.  A tie is a statement piece in which you can truly let your personality shine through.  Don’t be afraid to combine bright colours or to wear ties with interesting patterns.  Ties are fantastic conversation starters.  Because a formal shirt is usually created in a reasonably neutral colour, any tie will match without clashing and looking out of place.  For instance, you could easily wear a bright yellow tie over a baby blue formal shirt.

Other Accessories

There are many other accessories that go very well with formal shirts.  Think, for instance, of cufflinks.  This is another opportunity for you to make a personal statement, by having cufflinks that represent something special to you.

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