New Bedlinen can Help Give Rooms a Fresh Look



Bedrooms are often considered to be among the most important spaces within homes. People spend a lot of time in these rooms and they can provide a sanctuary from the outside world.

Also, the decor, furniture and bedlinen that people choose for these areas say a lot about their individual style. Within these four walls, individuals have free reign when it comes to design and can really let their imaginations run wild.

House proud Brits

It seems UK consumers are keen to ensure that their properties look the part. According to research conducted by Helpucover, more than eight in ten Britons have invested in enhancements to their abodes over recent years.

The organisation polled 5,800 adults and found that 84 per cent had spent up to £5,000 over the last four years on home improvements. This was despite the fact that UK national and household incomes dropped by over 13 per cent this year compared with the start of the recession in 2008.

Splashing out

Of course, consumers’ budgets vary when it comes to making alterations to their houses and flats and Helpucover found that while 31 per cent of respondents had spent between £1,000 and £3,000 on making improvements, one per cent had splashed out in excess of £30,000.

Regardless of their spending limits, there are plenty of different products for consumers to choose from. For example, it is now straightforward for people to source bedroom linen over the internet.

Focus areas

The study also revealed that consumers tend to focus on certain areas when they are making changes to their properties. For example, half of those polled had replaced carpets and flooring, while five per cent had added an extension or a loft conversion.

Meanwhile, 28 per cent had installed a new bathroom and 21 per cent had fitted a new kitchen.

Moving on

These changes took place despite the fact that more than 50 per cent of the individuals questioned didn’t see their current premises as their homes for life.

Commenting on this, Sarah Potter from Helpucover said: “Despite 56 per cent of us wanting to move on from where we’re living and the UK having been in recession, our survey shows that we’re still spending money on home improvements.”

Starting 2013 in style

Although the upcoming festive celebrations are foremost on many people’s minds, some will already be looking to the new year. A lot of people see the beginning of January as a great time to welcome change into their lives, so it may prove a popular period for home improvements.

By making sure their abodes look and feel great, people can get off to a positive start to 2013. Meanwhile, to source the products they need to complete the changes, a considerable number of consumers will turn to the web. The internet can be a convenient way for consumers to source the items they need. Also, the process of buying goods in cyberspace is quick and this is important for individuals with hectic schedules.

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