Men’s Fashion Guidelines How to Make Women Take a Second Look?


One way to attract a woman’s attention is to act like Mr Bean. However, that mode attracts only attention, not the woman. It is unlikely she will show further interest. The way to make her take a second look depends on a few factors.

Start at the top

Take care of your hair and that means very good care. Keep it in perfect condition, groom it and importantly, have a stylist match hair style to your personality, head size and shape you’re your physique. Then it is your face. Keep it free of blemishes. You have to lavish time and attention (and some money) in order to keep your skin supple and glowing. Eat healthy, nutritious food, control alcohol and smoking, sleep well, and stay fit. Women look at your eyes and face and decide in a split second whether to take more than a passing interest or ignore you as one of the many millions on this planet. Do you wear glasses? Their style and shape can create an impact. Look at different style that enhance your looks. Do all of this or simply wear a funny T-shirt.

Dress well, Look Well and Be Looked upon Well

That does not mean going in for top label designer wear. Choose current fashions. Avoid being flashy and conspicuous. Reflect style, class and elegance in your choice of fabric, colour, cut, design and label of garments you choose. If you cannot afford perfectly fitted dresses, at least make sure you buy and wear clothes with a good fit. Again, make efforts to match dress style to your personality. Accessorize. Match dress with shoes and cuff links (if you wear them). Some women look at ties as a pointer. Cuff links certainly attract attention and intrigue women. It is worth spending money on few pairs of shoes and matches them to your style and personality along with the dress. The whole ensemble should project a natural poise and self confidence. You can spend a large sum or make smart choices and achieve your objective. It is all up to you or take the easy way out and wear a funny t-shirt.


How well do you carry yourself? Develop the right posture when you stand and when you sit. A droopy shouldered person slouching his way across is not worth a second look unless he is wearing a funny t-shirt.

In Character

Be in character. Follow your natural personality trait and build on it. A flamboyant character can flaunt a neck scarf. A studious or business type of personality can wear square glasses or well cut suits. A boyish type impresses with his carefree look in jackets and jeans. If funny T-shirts represent your style, then by all means wear them.

Let’s hand it to you

Hands can be expressive and say a lot about you and your emotions. Wear funny t-shirts and flap hands to get more than a second look.If all else fails you can always tag along with a well known personality.

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